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Customized Dome Camera housing

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  • HD Long Distance Multispectral Integrated Laser PTZ Camera

    HD Long Distance Multispectral Integrated Laser PTZ CameraHD Long Distance multispectral Integrated laser PTZ Camera Product details 1.Double worm-gear transmission structure, electronic anti shake and anti-loosening mechanical design. 2.Self-lock after power failure, strong wind resistance, high stability 3.Support variety of lens, zoom self-adaption, auto adjust rotation speed according to zoom ratio 4.Maximum horizontal speed can be up to 30˚/S 5.High accurate repeat positioning ±0.1˚ 6.Maximum load: 60Kg 7.Support 3D function 8.Apply to rainy and foggy environment 9.Built in imaging enhancement and imaging intelligence analysis function. 10.Synchronous zoom laser illumination system, long illumination distance, wide range, can be realized all black environment monitoring. 11.Prevention grade:IP66. Be adapted to maritime affairs, frontier defense, salt fog environment video monitoring.Read More

  • HD Intelligent High Speed PTZ Camera

    HD Intelligent High Speed PTZ Camera1.High precision worm-gear transmission and stepper motor driving, self-lock after power failure 2.Maximum horizontal speed is 100°/s 3.High accurate repeat positioning ±0.1° 4.Maximum load 10kg 5.All weather design, IP66Read More

  • HD Long Distance Intelligent PTZ Camera

    HD Long Distance Intelligent PTZ Camera1.Double pitch worm and gear design 2.Electric image stabilization and anti-loose design, self-lock after power failure 3.Support 3D positioning 4.Maximum horizontal speed is 30°/s 5.High accurate repeat positioning ±0.1°Read More