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What Is The PTZ Camera
Aug 16, 2017

  What is the PTZ camera

  PTZ camera is a security system to support a full range (up and down, left and right) mobile and zoom lens zoom, zoom control camera.

  PTZ is actually a shorthand for Pan / Tilt / Zoom. The PTZ camera allows you to observe the "see wide" advantage of the 360 degree or 180 degree field angle and the high speed dome camera can be freely rotated into the region of interest by taking a panoramic view of the area of interest. , And effectively overcome their shortcomings, which also has a panoramic camera "see wide" advantages and high-speed dome camera "see clear" advantages.

  Previously, megapixel cameras were limited to chip processing performance, only in megapixel resolution, only M-JPEG encoding format. Thus, PTZ camera users either choose megapixel resolution, accept 15Mbps or even higher bandwidth and higher storage costs; either is to further reduce the megapixel camera frame rate as a megapixel digital camera to use. So, although the megapixel camera appeared early in the market, but the high resolution and high bandwidth contradictions and low frame rate is the root cause it has been unable to spread.

  But the above situation in 2008 has been completely changed. In 2008, the industry began to launch the world's first based on H.264 encoding of the real practical high-definition network camera, due to the successful resolution of high resolution, PTZ camera high frame rate and high bandwidth contradictions, making network monitoring really into the practical high-definition era The Subsequently, domestic and foreign manufacturers began to launch a number of high-definition fixed bolt and fixed hemisphere, and H.264-based high-definition network camera. Until now, no matter where we are, we are talking about HD, selling HD, more and more users are also using high-definition. HD network monitoring has entered the blowout era. Network PTZ camera is the most important development trend is a high-definition!