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What Is The Difference Between A PTZ Camera And A High Speed Dome Camera?
Jun 13, 2017

  What is the difference between a PTZ camera and a high speed dome camera?

  PTZ camera: in the security monitoring application is Pan / Tilt / Zoom shorthand, on behalf of the PTZ all-round (up and down, left and right) mobile and zoom lens zoom, zoom control.

  In the scene of the camera to monitor the scene, when the mobile target appears, the user can manually lock (for example, by clicking the mouse to lock the target) or preset automatically trigger to lock a moving target, to trigger the PTZ camera for automatic PTZ tracking, And automatically control the PTZ camera pan / tilt head for all-round rotation, for the locked moving target visual-oriented automatic tracking to ensure that the tracking target continues to appear in the center of the lens. Automatic PTZ tracking module to make up for the shortcomings of fixed camera monitoring narrow field of view, is a perfect security monitoring system necessary functions.

  Functional analysis

  Various types of monitoring systems have a lot of places need to focus on monitoring, when the police need to be timely detection, automatic tracking, so the tracking speed is very important, faster speed can guarantee a shorter time to scan more pre- Home, effectively improve the monitoring utilization. In addition, the rotation positioning accuracy also shows the quality of the high-speed ball, so the ball machine in the long-term uninterrupted operation can not appear any preset position offset phenomenon

  Alarm is a very important part of the various types of monitoring projects, especially intelligent monitoring, pay attention to the requirements of the ball machine is automatically identify the target, analyze the target and alarm ...

  With the security of intelligent, digital, network, intelligent vision PTZ automatic tracking and monitoring system (with network function) will be the inevitable future needs in a variety of monitoring methods of integration of large platforms, if you have better network resources, intelligent Visual PTZ automatic tracking and monitoring system is the intelligent analysis and high-speed ball centralized management, remote automatic monitoring function of the best combination of future monitoring the direction of development

  High speed dome camera

  High speed ball has several basic functions, the first is running fast, the second is running smoothly, the third is accurate positioning.

  1, high-speed function

  Requires preset position speed fast, basically up to 250 degrees / sec or more; second hand control speed emphasizes smooth, flexible and flexible control, not too fast, can not blunt, support speed.

  2, preset function

  Must have more than 64 preset positions, and requires the preset position must be accurate, after the power can also remember the preset position.

  3, cruise scan

  You must be able to set the high speed dome to cruise the scan function between the various presets.

  There are some advanced features

  1, track memory function

  Requires high-speed ball can remember a number of arbitrary trajectory routes, while the track can be set through the set to call.

  2, the menu display function

  Can display a complete operation menu, through the menu on the running speed, preset stay time, running mode changes, through the menu can modify the camera parameters, and programming, automatic tracking, privacy and other functions.

  3, comes with alarm input and output

  Add an alarm input and output module to the high speed ball.

  4, the network speed ball, fiber high speed ball

  In the high-speed ball and then integrated network video server module or optical module.