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The Mainstream Trend Of Network Video Surveillance Camera Housing Mainly Has Following Several Aspects
Mar 14, 2017

1. network surveillance camera housing intelligence

Surveillance camera case is the development of more advanced video surveillance technology level. Because the amount of video surveillance data is very large, and information the user really need only a small Department, or really only need to monitor very small probability of certain events, through huge amounts of data to obtain valuable information or saying how from Visual interpretation to the machine automatic interpretation is the development of video surveillance technology in a new direction. As evidence into video surveillance from static, dynamic, real-time prevention and warning to users is important. Actually existing monitoring systems come with automatic detection, Adaptive switching stores, day and night warning settings (such as photographs, fingerprints and other suspects) and some other primary forms of intelligence. With the development of technology, intelligent monitoring systems will be required to identify before the incident and make an accurate judgment, provide people with the most effective and rapid response measures in a timely manner.

2. network surveillance camera housings digital

Network surveillance camera housing development experienced analog video surveillance, half digital surveillance, digital monitoring phase. Video surveillance, digital storage is a revolutionary change. Digital 21st century era features of digital video surveillance is the inevitable trend of monitoring technology.

3. video surveillance camera housing of wireless

Wireless surveillance camera shell consists of two aspects: one is the monitoring center of the shell mobile, normally, the object being monitored or cameras are fixed. As users of the monitoring system (monitoring center) can be dynamic, when company leaders on business, you need to know when the company produced, you can use the laptop anywhere, anytime access to the camera's IP information. Second, wireless video surveillance network camera housings, and followed the development of wireless broadband networks, wireless video applications based on 3G concern. When monitoring points spread farther and with monitoring the Central interval, or object being monitored is not fixed (such as taxis, vans, etc), use of traditional wired network video monitoring is often high cost and difficult to achieve, based on a wide range of wireless mobile video monitoring of means of transport which is the replacement for the upper hand.

4. video surveillance IP camera shell

Video network camera housings, surveillance camera housing IPTV is camera housing and rapid development of applications. With the development of Internet technology, IP-based video surveillance camera housing is more accepted, network cameras housings video compression information over the TCP/IP Protocol, using streaming media technology video multiplexing transmission on the Internet, with authorized users can access the Internet at any time, of the whole monitoring system of commanding, scheduling, storage, power control, and other functions. As IPv6, network quality of service functions of IPv6, security, improved progress level impact on next-generation Internet network, IP-based video surveillance will become mainstream.