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The Main Technical Parameters
Mar 14, 2017


Video coding standard H.264 format, support for single videos at a resolution of CIF/VGA/D1, adjustable frame rate of 1~25 frames/sec; support for PAL NTSC, NTSC format; video OSD overlay, such as time, the license plate number, vehicle speed; storage medium SD card. Supports single channel recording (mono). Support for native playback; as well as native support for video scene previews, picture support Ethernet; SD card interface video input and output audio input, output, MIC input, used for voice intercom; alarm input (5), output (1) RS232, RS485 a foreign power +12V,+5V. Sensors: a total of 8 input support inertia sensor General sensor (level). External device interfaces: 1 USB2.0 CF card interface, support u disk, USB, SATA/IDE hard drive. Supports retrieval based on date, time; according to the alarm event search videos based on channel number to retrieve videos. Support timer: boot, shutdown, according to the specified time. Supports add-ins 7-inch color monitor. Power +6V~+60V. Surveillance camera housing: aluminium alloy shell with integrated, whole body heat, waterproof and dustproof. (Optional GPS/wireless network system/mounting bracket)