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Surveillance Camera Housings For Bus Applications
Mar 14, 2017

With China's rapid economic development, the rapid development of public passenger transport, buses operating personnel in the operating process of security, management, and more attention to. Continuing passengers and operations personnel across the country because of fare evasion, attitude and other issues arising from the dispute. While there are cases of theft, robbery and insulted women and often.

In addition, the bus driver and conductor occurred in the operating process easier to steal the tickets, shoplift money income as a phenomenon, to inflict losses on the bus company.

At present, buses are the progressive introduction of automated (automated coin, credit card), saves manpower, also convenience for passengers on and off. But because of the door (back door) farther away from the driver's vision, drivers difficult passengers both front door coin, credit card and the next door movement of passengers got off. When many passengers, easy for driver door under line of sight when, in night vision worse, especially top of the double-decker bus passengers have no standing, the driver cannot be observed. Meanwhile, pilots to master door switch time, easily lead to injury accident of the passenger.

Therefore, by installing car surveillance camera on the bus shells, can solve these has been plagued by the bus company and the relevant departments of management problems.