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Surveillance Camera Housing Diversity
Mar 14, 2017

Surveillance camera housing has maintained sustained rapid growth, manufacturers compete in the ascendant, while at the same time network camera housing market has been surging. From mainstream of simulation camera shell view, General clarity (480TVL) and more high clarity (540TVL) of products are has full of shell series and good of market share; from monitoring type view, has no longer is gun type camera shell of dominated has, fast ball, and hemisphere and one machine camera shell are play out has itself of products advantage and increased has their of market share, especially hemisphere products due to its beautiful, and hidden, and installation shortcut and economic sex, increasingly by user of favored. Featured products according to different market segments, such as elevator monitoring using camera housing, car monitoring the use of camera housings, water-proof and explosion-proof camera housing, built-in infrared lights camera housing and so on. This has seen the manufacturers on the one hand pay attention to the different users, different application's individual requirements, but also show that users are more rational when they select products.