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Surveillance Camera Housing Damaged By Lightning's Three Mine-free Power When Damaged
Mar 14, 2017

On the power supply line, we easily mistaken for: line flow is very clean sine wave. In fact due to network switches, inductive loads in the same grid start-stop reasons, appears in the power supply line voltage interference. Grid harmful interference and high incidence of transient pulse oscillation, an instant.

The transient voltage duration time is very short, only a few microseconds short, non-dedicated equipment is also not easy to find, but they harm the equipment should not be underestimated. Because of modern surveillance security equipment Department of microelectronics products, these monitoring devices with high density, high speed, low voltage and low power consumption characteristics, often higher circuit integration in more advanced equipment, distance between the devices is only a fraction of a micron, so as long as there is a sharp pulse of power supply, it may cause damage to the devices in the circuit. They're just more subtle and gradual damage, the damage is less serious than the lightning, mainly reflected on life expectancy, so difficult to attract attention.

The transient voltage in the power supply, UPS and voltage regulators will not only fail to play a protective role, on the contrary they themselves become the object of protection.