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PTZ CameraControl Is Flexible
Aug 22, 2017

The development of sensors and computer computing has affected the development of new computer networks and processing frameworks. Among them, small and medium-sized video surveillance network has been widely used.

In modern monitoring systems, one of the major challenges in multi-camera tracking is how to maintain the continuity of target identities under different FOVs. Although the static camera network can cover a wide area for the monitoring task, the picture resolution is reduced in order to increase the camera viewing area to increase the camera viewing angle. When there is no overlapping FOV, the signal processing must still be done on a single data source On the implementation. Therefore, the introduction of PTZ camera for the development of the camera network has brought a new application advantages.

Dome camera (PTZ Dome) is an integrated dome camera with fast running speed, optical zoom, precise positioning, flexible control and other characteristics, with the entire monitoring industry digital, network, high-definition development process, network PTZ camera in the product development has also entered a new stage, high-definition PTZ camera to become a new hot spot in the monitoring industry. Which has the following four major application advantages.

1. Power over Ethernet

ALL IN ONE, a network cable to achieve all the data transmission, which is an important advantage of network monitoring. Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af (48V DC at the POE switch, maximum power 15.4W) is only suitable for power supply to fixed network cameras and fixed dome cameras.

High PoE, 802.3at in the voltage range to support 50-57V DC, the program is 53VDC, the maximum power support 30W, fully available to the dome camera and its shield power supply. With High PoE, the network dome does not need any video cable, audio cable, control line, power cord, etc., just connect a cable, you can achieve all the cable connection.

In order to shorten the installation time of the network HD PTZ camera and better guarantee the installation quality of the fast ball, more network HD PTZ camera especially outdoor HD PTZ camera at the factory, it has been configured IP66 shield and pre-installed Of the stent, out of the box, can achieve rapid installation of the network fast ball, and can fully guarantee the quality of installation.

2. Automatic flip structure design

PTZ dome camera according to its different mechanical structure, can be divided into high-speed dome and PTZ camera two types, two types collectively referred to as PTZ dome camera.

High speed ball with shaft drive, strong structure, can achieve 360 degrees of continuous rotation, but the higher cost. The PTZ camera with gear drive, due to the existence of limit, can not achieve 360 degrees rotation, but the cost is low. As a result, a 360 degree auto-flip PTZ camera technology that achieves 360 degree rotation and low manufacturing costs is also used in HD PTZ cameras.

This kind of spherical camera with the same PTZ camera, the use of gear transmission, but also limited. When the camera is rotated 360 degrees horizontally, the camera will rotate 180 degrees horizontally in the 0.1 second and 180 degrees in the vertical direction when the limit is reached. After the limit is reached, the camera will continue to rotate in the direction controlled by the person , Thus achieving a 360 degree continuous rotation.

In the case of the camera does not require a long continuous rotation, both want to achieve 360-degree monitoring, but also hope that the low ball price is low, this structure of the camera is a very good choice. Under normal circumstances, this automatic flip structure of the dome camera, the horizontal rotation speed and vertical selection speed can reach 300 degrees / sec speed, and according to the zoom situation, automatically adjust the rotation speed, so as to ensure the precise limit of telephoto speed.

3. More flexible control

HD PTZ camera technology development, making the monitoring application needs to further improve. In particular, based on networked camera control and operation, requires high-definition PTZ network camera can quickly respond to control commands, and to achieve the camera rotation and zoom.

Normally, HD PTZ cameras have two main control modes: joystick control and center point control. When using the rocker to PTZ control of the camera, it is difficult to achieve accurate positioning, control difficulties. But the use of "center point control" mode, the free control.

"Center point control" mode, the mouse in the image display as a "+" icon, in the monitoring image, where the mouse point, the camera will be the point as the center, automatically rotate, pinpoint to the point. When you want to enlarge a target, you can press the left button while dragging the mouse, frame the target, you can achieve the target of the automatic level, vertical positioning and amplification.

"Center point control" mode, only suitable for mouse control, not suitable for joystick control.

4. Intelligent analysis

Automatic PTZ intelligent tracking, you can make the camera on their own PTZ and zoom lens independent PTZ drive, and automatically control the PTZ camera for all-round rotation and lens zoom, for the locked moving target for visual-oriented automatic tracking, To ensure that the tracking target continues to zoom in on the center of the lens, so that security personnel can more clearly see the information, but also can be used for evidence afterwards. Automatic PTZ tracking module to make up for the fixed camera surveillance field of view of the shortcomings of the security monitoring system is essential for the function.

Intelligent PTZ automatic tracking and monitoring system with the target analysis function, and equipped with high-resolution cameras, large magnification optical zoom lens and high speed PTZ, can quickly and accurately automatically capture suspicious targets. By setting the preset position intelligent vision PTZ automatic tracking and monitoring system can realize preset position scanning, automatic cruise and other functions, but also to achieve the special requirements of intelligent monitoring.

In the security monitoring industry to follow the digital, network, high-definition development direction, PTZ camera also has the following trends.