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Panorama PTZ Camera Features
Jun 13, 2017

  Panorama PTZ camera "point - surface linkage" process

  First, the user specifies the region of interest on the client panorama screen;

  The client then sends the location of interest to the panorama camera;

  Then, the panoramic PTZ camera calculates the panorama area according to the spatial relationship between the pixel coordinates of the panoramic image and the pitch angle and the multiple of the high speed dome camera, and calculates the pitch area and the variable value of the high speed dome camera.

  Finally, the panorama camera sends a rotation and zoom command to the dome camera to control the speed dome camera to rotate to the specified area.

  Panorama PTZ camera features

  Panoramic 360 degree wide field of view, large scene monitoring without blind spots

  20 to 30 times optical zoom, local details of the master

  Point - face intelligent linkage, the user simply click on the panorama screen location of interest, high speed ball can be targeted to the designated area, so that "WYSIWYG"