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Ordinary Shell Components Of The Camera Revealed
Mar 14, 2017

1. camera housing

Camera housing is mainly divided into waterproof camera housings, dome camera housings, bolt series camera case. camera appearance is mainly reflected in the shell, this is important factor to the overall price, the same configuration on the market, if the camera housing does not make the machine's price may be higher than 1 time, this is usually where the camera manufacturer's main profit.

YUCOO IR waterproof camera developed by shell, waterproof rating of IP66.

2. lens

Lens is an essential part of TV monitoring system, the lens and CCD camera, long range target Imaging in the CCD of the camera can be on target. Lens of type range, from focal length Shang classification, can is divided into short focal length, and in the focal length, and and focal length and variable focal length lens; from depending on field of size classification, can is divided into wide-angle, and standard, and far photo lens; from structure Shang classification, also can is divided into fixed light delineated Coke lens, and manual light delineated Coke lens, and automatically light delineated Coke lens, and manual zoom lens, and automatically aperture electric zoom lens, and electric three variable lens (refers to aperture, and focal length, and focused this three who are variable), type. Because the lens selection suitable or not, directly related to the quality of camera, and therefore, in practice must be reasonable choices in lens.

3. infrared lamp

Infrared lamps are mainly differences Wick, each Wick into grades between from 1 to 1, but basically light Lei Ding Yuan and wick dominate

4.CCD chip

CCD Board main by sharp and Sonny two a manufacturers of chip mainly flow, addition also some Korea, domestic of programme. basic market Shang of programme are almost, but due to components of ingredients not as, some all is made, plenty of all is imports, some simply on mixed parameter material, such on led price, performance of small Xu differences, this is businesses of main profit where.

5. other accessories

Mainly some combination of other connected accessories, such as camera, video cable, screw copper cylinder or something, these accessories are necessary but are neither good nor bad, so is generally based on camera technology to match.

Main accessories include surveillance cameras: camera peripheral accessories, camera lenses, camera, camera support, PTZ decoder, camera housings and more.