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One Of The Surveillance Camera Housing Was Damaged By Lightning
Mar 02, 2017

System equipped with lightning rods and grounding and taking integrated

When the lightning current through a lightning rod, when the network introduced into, and potential transient increases. I=50KA assume lightning current, grounding resistance R=1 ω U=IxR=50KAx1 ω to potential =50KV.

Because monitoring camera shell system take joint grounding, equipment to potential also corresponding increased 50KV, and power power line and signal transmission line is by distance led to, distal to potential still in zero potential, so equipment Shell to potential will and equipment of power entered end between and signal entered end between appeared 50KV of huge potential difference (in anti-mine technology in the called "counter" or "negative potential introduced"), caused equipment corresponding parts damaged.

If the surveillance camera housing system grounding is not good enough, you fight back higher voltage, may be more serious damage.