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Lightning Protection Of The Monitoring Center
Mar 14, 2017

Monitoring systems, monitoring center is often dealing with surveillance video of the place, so the lightning is extremely important. In simple terms, monitoring center, lightning from a direct lightning protection, lightning incursions, surge protection and equipotential bonding ways.

From a direct lightning strike protection monitoring center the building against direct lightning lightning rod, lightning or lightning networks. Its anti-straight hit mine measures should meet GB50057-94 (GB50057-94 (2000 version) provisions description 3rd. 1.2 article subsection 3.1.1 paragraph: "for reduced in need anti-mine of space within occurred fire, and explosion, and life dangerous,, potential is a items is important of measures"; subsection 3.3 paragraph: "in need anti-mine of space within prevent occurred life dangerous of most important measures is used, potential connection") in the about straight hit mine protection of provides.

From the lightning for intrusion protection, metal pipes entering control center should receive lightning-proof grounding device. When aerial cable line directly into the, surge arrester should be installed at the home, and cable metal sheath and self supporting cables received a grounding device.

Thanks to 80% lightning high potential is invaded from the power line, to ensure safety, generally three-level lightning protection should be set on the power supply, ultimate installed lightning protection module MP3-10/2, the SPD module nominal flow capacity of up to 10KA, limiting voltage <1200V (the withstand voltage of the equipment for 1.2KA).