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How To Install A PTZ Camera On A Truss
Sep 27, 2017

  How to install a PTZ camera on a truss

  The use of rigging, support and truss equipment can provide more possibilities for installation when installing the camera. The lighting fixture equipment can be adjusted in size and shape, but the most common size is 2 inches in diameter. This article describes how to install a PTZ camera on a standard 2-inch lighting truss.

  When determining the camera mounting position, we usually consider the placement and angle of the tripod, even if the use of high angle and can extend the boom, there will be a huge tripod as a base. However, lighting trusses are an excellent choice for installing cameras.

  Before you start, you need the right equipment. We recommend the use of two-inch surround truss fixtures and extension bars to assist in the installation of the camera in any position on the lighting rigging equipment and an inch long 1 / 4-20 bolts and some washers.

  First, place the PTZ camera side on the plane. Be careful not to force the camera shell too much, otherwise it may damage the body.

  Next, place the two-inch surround truss clamp on the 1 / 4-20 thread of the camera on the PTZ and lock the bolt, and use the washer to fill the gap to secure it. When finished, adjust the truss fixture to the direction perpendicular to the front of the camcorder.

  If you want the camera to maintain a horizontal position, you can increase the extension of the extension bar as a truss extension, both with the same diameter can be universal fixture to facilitate the installation of the camera.

  After connecting the extension rails to the trusses, carefully tighten the PTZ camcorder with the trusses, preferably with a safety rope to prevent accidental collision and drop during installation.

  Finally, check again to ensure that everything is safe and you can start the line connection.