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HD PTZ Camera Technology Development
Oct 20, 2017

HD PTZ camera technology development, making the application of monitoring needs to further improve. Especially based on networked camera control and operation, requires high-definition PTZ network camera can quickly respond to control commands, and to achieve the camera rotation and zoom.

Normally, HD PTZ cameras have two main control modes: joystick control and center point control. When using the remote bar to PTZ control of the camera, it is difficult to achieve accurate positioning, control difficulties. But through the "center point control" mode, can completely solve the problem.

"Center point control" mode, the mouse on the image shows a "+" icon, in the monitoring image, where the mouse point, the camera will be the center of the point, automatically rotate, pinpoint to the point. When you want to zoom in on a target, you can press the left button while dragging the mouse, frame the target, you can achieve the target of the automatic level, vertical positioning and amplification.

"Center point control" mode, only suitable for mouse control, not suitable for remote control.

Panorama PTZ camera has a panoramic function, but also has a gaze function, is a panoramic camera and high speed dome camera combination.

The panorama camera has a "wide" advantage that can be observed in a 360 degree or 180 degree field of view, but the disadvantage is that it can not be optically variable, resulting in insufficient clarity of interest to the user. On the contrary, the high speed dome camera can freely turn to the region of interest, and through the optical zoom to see the details of the region of interest, but the disadvantage is limited field of view, resulting in easy "Trek".

Panorama PTZ cameras combine the advantages of panoramic cameras and high-speed dome cameras and effectively overcome their own shortcomings, thus providing the advantages of a "panoramic view" of the panoramic camera and the "seeable" high speed dome camera.