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HD PTZ Camera Technology Development
Jul 20, 2017

  HD PTZ camera technology development, making the monitoring application needs to further improve. In particular, based on networked camera control and operation, requires high-definition PTZ network camera can quickly respond to control commands, and to achieve the camera rotation and zoom. Normally, HD PTZ cameras have two main control modes: joystick control and center point control. When using the rocker to PTZ control of the camera, it is difficult to achieve accurate positioning, control difficulties. But the use of "center point control" mode, the free control. "Center point control" mode, the mouse in the image display as a "+" icon, PTZ camera in the monitoring image, where the mouse point, the camera will be the point as the center, automatically rotate, pinpoint to the point. When you want to enlarge a target, you can press the left button while dragging the mouse, frame the target, you can achieve the target of the automatic level, vertical positioning and amplification.

  "Center point control" mode, only suitable for mouse control, not suitable for joystick control.

  Panorama monitoring and PTZ complement each other

  Virtual PTZ is a bright spot function of the IP-based panoramic camera, which is different from the PTZ control of other cameras. It can enlarge or move the image area within the surveillance field. When the other direction is observed, PTZ camera another noise will not be emitted. And difficult to detect. Panorama camera PTZ does not require the participation of mechanical parts to improve the life and reliability of the product, while its technical features can ensure that multiple PTZ window can be previewed at the same time, subversion of the PTZ in the traditional camera can only observe the different time Regional understanding.

  Virtual PTZ is the unique technical feature of the panorama camera, the technology can view any details of the image, just like with a magnifying glass treasure hunt; from the name point of view, similar to the ordinary PTZ PTZ control, but no mechanical parts, to a large extent Reduced equipment power and heat, extending equipment and system life.

  Automatic PTZ tracking module to make up for the shortcomings of the fixed camera surveillance field of view, PTZ camera some people may say that the panoramic monitoring itself does not require PTZ, but in the process of integration of the PTZ not only the image is clear, more important function is the appearance can not be verified The When the popularity of high-definition cameras, the attendant demand has become an automatic tracking and intelligent analysis. PTZ can be commonly understood as PTZ control, but in fact through the transformation and lens focal length adjustment to achieve the target tracking and positioning function. In the maximum focal length contrast, panoramic high-definition images can provide more delicate picture quality, ordinary PTZ camera resolution viewing angle and image clarity is limited.

  Any HD surveillance cameras are ultimately developed for intelligent service. Panoramic cameras so, PTZ as well. Support for virtual PTZ panorama HD camera can automatically focus on the image zoom, at the same time, PTZ camera you can also record to the user can not see the image.