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HD PTZ Camera Makes The Application Of Monitoring More And More Demand. In Particular
Jun 26, 2017

  The technology development of HD PTZ camera makes the application of monitoring more and more demand. In particular, based on networked camera control and operation, High-definition PTZ network cameras are required to respond quickly to control commands and to achieve camera rotation and zooming.

  Typically, there are two main modes of control for HD PTZ cameras: Rocker-drag control and center-point control. It is difficult to locate precise and difficult to control when the camera is PTZ controlled by a rocker. However, when the "Central point control" mode is used, it can be controlled freely.

  "Central point Control" mode, the mouse in the image as a "+" icon, in the monitoring image, where the mouse point, the camera will be centered on the point, automatic rotation, accurate positioning to the point. When you want to zoom in on a target, you can press the left mouse button while you drag it, frame the target, and you can achieve automatic horizontal, vertical positioning and amplification of the target.

  "Central point Control" mode, only suitable for mouse control mode, not suitable for joystick control.