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Development Trend Of Domestic Monitoring Camera Housing
Oct 27, 2017

In recent years, the security industry has a large number of companies began to get involved in the field of civilian monitoring, such as video surveillance, smart home, intelligent access control, although the civil market, although there is a lot of room for development, but from the effect of entry, security and civilian marketing has not reached expected result.

With the development of the entire monitoring industry and the domestic chip manufacturers and other related technologies mature, making the high cost of security monitoring equipment decreased year by year, to buy a set of security equipment prices will not let home users "discouraged", people living on the level of Improve the level of family security awareness of the increase, greatly conducive to the development of civil monitoring

How to ensure the product quality of the Camera Housing

With the rapid development of the security industry, security products, many new Camera Housings continue to appear, many businesses took the opportunity to enter the industry, which brought a lot of changes to the security market, the market appeared a lot of defective, inferior products.

In order to grasp the benign development of enterprise products in the market, we from the following three aspects to protect the quality of products, making the production of products can always guarantee customer satisfaction.

one. In the choice of raw materials: Camera Housing material is the use of aluminum alloy material to ensure that the product of cutting performance and excellent heat dissipation.

two. In the hardware facilities: the processing equipment into more than 1.5 million equipment upgrades, CNC machine tools to upgrade all the system; single drilling, tapping machine update for the multi-axis drilling tapping machine. Surface treatment is the use of the current domestic most advanced dust-free production process.

three. Design product differentiation: the current product must meet the different customer needs, so the company must have a very strong design team, so that the product has been differentiated, improve the competitiveness of products and added value in many of the shell Manufacturers stand out, Camera Housing many companies are more willing to choose to cooperate with us.