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Development Status Of Panoramic PTZ Cameras
Jul 07, 2017

  Development status of Panoramic PTZ cameras

  At present, Fisheye Panoramic PTZ camera products include multiple lens type, single fish eye lens, mixed type three kinds.

  Single Fisheye Lens: The use of a gun-type PTZ camera or hemispherical PTZ camera plus fisheye lenses, which is the simplest and most economical way to achieve panoramic surveillance, the key point of this approach is that the PTZ camera itself has the ability to correct the "distortion" of the fish eye, or can be combined with special processing software to correct the image after the fisheye lens has been deformed, and to make a normal image without leaving a trace, making the human eye acceptable.

  Multi-Lens: multi-lens monitoring after the mosaic image to achieve 360 degree of monitoring, this way to achieve the technology is very complex, high cost, but less fish eye panoramic PTZ camera to bring the fish eye distortion.

  Hybrid: The use of PTZ ball machine and fisheye lens, this method is relatively rare, PTZ camera in rotation can be used as a ball machine, when the ball machine lens and fisheye lens coincide, can be used as panoramic PTZ camera.