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Design Of Auto-flip Structure Of PTZ Camera
Jun 26, 2017

  Design of auto-flip structure of PTZ camera

  Depending on the mechanical structure of the PTZ dome camera, it can be divided into two types: the High speed ball machine and the PTZ camera, and the two types are called PTZ Dome cameras.

  High-speed ball with shaft drive, strong structure, can achieve 360 degrees of continuous rotation, but higher costs. And the PTZ camera uses gear drive, because of the existence limit, cannot achieve 360 degree rotation, but the cost is low. As a result, the 360-degree automatic flip PTZ camera technology, which achieves a 360-degree rotation and guarantees lower manufacturing costs, is also applied to HD PTZ cameras.

  The spherical camera, like a PTZ camera, uses a gear drive and a finite bit. When the camera to the 360-degree horizontal rotation control, in the arrival limit, the camera will be in 0.1 seconds horizontal reverse rotation 180 degrees, vertical reverse rotation 180 degrees, after jumping over the limit, continue to rotate in accordance with the direction of personnel control, thus achieving 360 degrees of continuous rotation.

  In the case that the camera is not required to rotate continuously for a long time, it is very good for the camera of this kind of structure to realize 360 degree monitoring and hope that the price of the fast ball is low. In general, this automatic flip-structure of the fast-ball camera, its horizontal rotation speed and vertical selection speed can reach 300 degrees/sec speed, and according to the zoom situation, automatically adjust the rotational speed, thus ensuring the precise speed limit of the telephoto.