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Camera HousingSeveral Types
Aug 22, 2017

Buy digital camera, I think most of the friends, such as the number of pixels, optical zoom times and other technical indicators care, but the shell did not give enough attention, I think this is a misunderstanding. Because the digital camera shell is not only related to its long life and durability, but also related to its cooling effect, aesthetics and other aspects of the pros and cons, can not be ignored. Specifically, the current market, the digital camera shell has the following types.

plastic shell

At present, the consumer market, most of the digital camera shell is made of plastic. The cost of plastic materials is low, the molding process is also relatively simple, but its durability is poor, the cooling effect is not very good, and looks a bit like the feeling of high-level toys, beautiful and stylish will be greatly reduced. But there are advantages and disadvantages of plastic points: some digital camera shell is very strong, and some do even like a metal shell like, the density is high, it seems very upscale, and very fashionable, and even fell to the ground did not even Easy to break; low density plastic shell is different, looks very rough, casually gently fall may be broken, generally some low-end digital camera shell is like this.

All metal shell

At present, the digital camera on the market although most are plastic shell, but there are a few digital camera shell is made of metal. Metal shell has five advantages: one is to maximize the protection of the camera and extend its life, because we often use the camera when the phenomenon may occur from the hands of the fall, the metal shell in the camera fell to minimize its damage Even if the metal material density is much higher than the plastic's sake; third is conducive to heat, this is because the thermal conductivity of the metal is much better than the plastic Because of the smooth surface of the metal, the dust is not easy to stick to the camera surface, dustproof performance is better; five can make the camera's Looks more beautiful and upscale. Its drawback is that the molding process in the manufacturing process is more complex, the cost of manufacturing and materials are higher than the plastic shell, and if you are not using the alloy material, then the weight of the camera will be greatly increased. In addition, the metal surface to be more plastic slippery, will be easier to fall from the hands of the phenomenon, and the metal's paint is not strong plastic paint, paint stripping rate is much higher than the plastic shell, paint once removed is very ugly.