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Camera Housings Front Side Lightning Protection Equipment
Mar 14, 2017

Front camera housings of the monitoring equipment installation location tended to have indoor and outdoor, installed in the Interior of the camera are not normally subjected to direct lightning, but lightning overvoltage may also harm the camera, outdoor equipment needs to consider to prevent direct lightning stroke. Under such circumstances, how can we mine deal with it?

Usual method is that our front end device such as cameras in Flash (lightning rods or lightning conductor) effectively protect the range. When the camera independently when set up, in order to prevent lightning and transient high-potential on the wire, lightning-the best 3-4-meter distance from the camera.

In addition, in order to prevent electromagnetic induction along telephone poles on the camera power supply and signal lines should be put in a metal tube in order to shield, shielding shall be grounded at both ends of the metal tube.

To prevent lightning along the road into the front end equipment, usually adding suitable equipment before each line surge arresters, such as power line (DC24V or 220V), video cable, signal cable, and PTZ control cable power input front end should be retro-b, c-level lightning protection devices.

Signal line transmission distance long, resistance pressure level low, very easy induction mine current and damaged equipment, to will mine current from signal transmission line conduction into to, signal had voltage protection device must fast response, in design signal transmission line of protection Shi must consider reality, according to signal of transmission rate, and signal level, started voltage and lightning pass volume, parameter, selected right of anti-mine equipment.