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Camera Housing Market Manufacturers And Models Of A Wide Range Of Specifications
Oct 27, 2017

Camera Housing market manufacturers and models of a wide range of specifications, a variety of dazzling, how to choose a can meet their own needs of the surveillance Camera Housing? Generally known manufacturers in the surveillance Camera Housing design and shell materials will be more attentively, most manufacturers use high-strength Engineering Plastics, under normal circumstances, The enclosure size must be consistent with the CCD size of the camera, that is, the 1/2″CCD camera must choose the 1/2″ shell.

Buy Interior camera housing

The choice of interior Camera Housing to choose the simple design of the Camera Housing, this shell not only choose a good material, so that can be used for a long time, the other most important is the indoor Camera Housing to be small and exquisite, the general choice of indoor configuration has a small 50 surveillance Camera Housing.

Purchase Stair Monitor Camera Housing

The choice of stair monitoring Camera Housing is not like the purchase of indoor Camera Housing, because the staircase monitoring is a ramp-like monitoring, so you can consider a slightly larger Camera Housing, such as the new 60/75/85# Camera Housing, In the purchase of these models of the Camera Housing to pay attention to be able to install the infrared lamp shell, because the staircase monitoring light is not like indoor or outdoor, so need to monitor the infrared camera, so that the monitoring screen clear.

Optional Outdoor Camera Housing

To buy the Camera Housing, the first thing to consider is the waterproof Camera Housing, and the quality of the shell, if the material is bad, the weather will be out of the shell for a long time. Because outdoor monitoring needs to monitor the place too much, so in the purchase of the Camera Housing should choose a larger size, can focus on this to monitor enough scenes.