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Camera Housing Is One Of The Components Of The Camera
Oct 27, 2017

Camera housing is one of the components of the camera, play a protective role on the computer, is an important small device

Camera Housing is the security industry, security is not for security and security, the Camera Housing has a lot of style, the same shell we can install a different movement, different movement of our accessories are also different. So we only according to the size of the size of the custom.

Camera Housing value

Camera Housing is a camera clothes, without it a camera can not reflect its beauty, a set of Camera Housing also has a lot of accessories, the Camera Housing also has a lot of style shell, different styles of accessories are also different.

The camera case has the style

The camera case is: infrared waterproof Camera Housing, conch Camera Housing, surveillance Camera Housing, one machine gun shell, network bolt shell, car rear view Camera Housing, 60/75/85/90 internal focus Camera Housing, 60 / 75/85/90 external focus camera housing.