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Camera Housing Introduction
May 22, 2017

Introduction to Camera Housing

Camera Housing, the surface of the parts have a lot of holes, and the bottom of a hook, the back of the contours of the parts and modeling changes, so the focus of the mold design is to create a skirt surface, by punching holes and the creation of the slider.

A modified industrial camera housing includes a large-sized mounting seat on which a lens protection housing is secured to the front end face of the mount, and a rear cover, a rear cover and a lens cover are fixed on the rear end of the mount. And the side wall of the casing is provided with a heat radiator, the radiator includes a side plate, and the inner end face of the side plate is formed with a plurality of T-type plugs, the inner side of the side plate The end face abuts against the side wall of the shell, and the outer side face of the side plate is formed with a plurality of heat radiating plates; the side wall of the shell is formed with a plurality of vertical slots, the plug is inserted into the cover And the heat radiating groove is formed by a transverse groove and a longitudinal groove, and the transverse groove is arranged in the side plate, and the longitudinal groove is arranged in the plug and communicates with the transverse groove and the inner cavity of the casing The It is in the industrial Camera Housing on the addition of a cooling structure, so as to ensure that the industrial Camera Housing with good heat dissipation.