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Camera Case Manufacturer Caution: Purchasing Surveillance Cameras From Seven Major Blind Spots
Mar 02, 2017

1. camera housing model

Camera housing network access mode from the network can be divided into local area networks, metropolitan area networks, wide area networks three; line access modes can be divided into two big categories of wired and wireless. General MPEG-4/H.264 CIF image compression mode needs only about 200K bandwidth to achieve real-time transmission, video. Users in the selected IP camera according to your needs the number of cameras required the number of simultaneous remote monitoring, video, integrated computing network bandwidth requirements. In the LAN, basically can not consider bandwidth issues, you only need to consider switching throughput, select the switch backplane bandwidth can be enough. Metropolitan area network, global eye for example telecommunications, telecommunications departments set aside sufficient bandwidth lines. Biggest problem is upstream bandwidth on the Wan problems, China now can provide ADSL upstream bandwidth is currently only about 512K, so cost is one of the users must be taken into account.

Tip: select a network mode according to their application environment.

2. camera housing HD talk

Buy programs, skip the first threshold million HD, but it needs in order to run the back-end system and the high threshold has blocked the software supports a large manufacturer. Also some manufacturers blindly HD pixels, deliberately throwing "high", "high code" to "scare" returning customer. Which led directly to the contractors in the continuingly high definition market real strength of the manufacturers could not be found, consumers in the purchase of high-definition products away.

3. caution some unnecessary function

We don't be fooled by the parameters of the camera, just watch webcams several key indicators and what types of technologies used. Such as CCD cameras used in what is a key indicator. In addition, we need to observe the network camera with OSD menu, General, camera OSD menu price is high, but it will become more feature-rich. However, in ordinary scenes to watch cases, we choose security surveillance camera, usually without OSD menu, choose cheap products can.

4. Buy DVR with camera case matching should note the following points:

Diversification of safe and stable system

NVR products are mainly divided into two categories: one is based on SOC so-called embedded systems products based on hardware, OS for Linux in General. Another is based on industrial computer systems products, OS WINCE, LINUX option will be given. Which advantages based on CPU replacement fast, short development cycle, and corresponds to development of technical requirements are not very high, supports various video compression format. Disadvantage is that stability and reliability than the SOC of the NVR to almost, because of the way this NVR is a ruanjieya, so I cannot support large number of real-time applications.

5. power-over-Ethernet (POE)

POE in recent years rapid development and a wider application of the network technology. POE (PowerOverEthernet) refers to the existing Ethernet Cat.5, cabling infrastructure under unchanged, except for some IP based terminals (such as IP telephones, IP cameras, etc) transmission of data signals at the same time, such devices can also provide direct current technology. In this way, network cameras do not need to pass other power supply to the power supply. Through the pooling of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) ensures that the equipment in the manner over a period of time (determined in accordance with UPS) uninterrupted run, and simplifies management. IEEE802.3af POE power supply system of the new standard is based on the Ethernet standard, this standard requires the use of POE powered device power consumption does not exceed 12.95W.

6. wired/wireless access options

Although most of the buildings are equipped with wired networks, and via wired network camera is connected to the network, but the wireless access network solutions reduce complexity and reduce costs but has a strong appeal. For example, that need to periodically change the camera position, but doesn't want to rewire the occasion (such as supermarkets), or the wiring could affect the internal architecture and beautiful places, wireless access network solutions can address these challenges with ease.

7. Security considerations

Network camera offers three forms of security features. First, the user security management, such as user registration, permission management, etc; the second, is IP/MAC address binding, computer access only allows binding IP/MAC address; a third is based on the security level, use common network security technology.