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Application Characteristics Of Panoramic PTZ Camera
Jul 07, 2017

  Application characteristics of Panoramic PTZ camera

  Panoramic PTZ camera applications, generally including public places, industrial monitoring, traffic management, medical facilities, building monitoring, campus, shopping malls and entertainment venues. However, due to the short time of the Panorama PTZ camera, there are some limitations in technology, such as the image distortion and so on, and fisheye panoramic PTZ camera's super wide-angle effect, although can monitor a large area, but relatively speaking, its focal length is very short, make the detection range is limited, about 5 meters radius can be seen in the face, more distant words will appear blurred.

  Therefore, in practical application, panoramic PTZ camera is more suitable for small space, easy to monitor the environment, such as retail stores, small shopping malls, elevators, car parks and conference rooms and so on. Only a panoramic PTZ camera is needed to monitor the details without a dead end.

  The use of panoramic cameras is also a good choice for a simple and open environment, such as a large venue, because of the inconvenience of erecting multiple PTZ cameras.

  But if it is to be applied in a relatively complex environment, such as a shopping mall, pedestrian street, Crossroads, etc., panoramic PTZ cameras can still not completely replace the gun machine, the hemisphere and other conventional PTZ cameras, it is generally recommended that the use of conventional PTZ cameras, mutual complementarity is insufficient.