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Application Advantages Of Panoramic PTZ Cameras
Jul 07, 2017

  Application advantages of panoramic PTZ cameras

  Panoramic PTZ camera is a PTZ camera that can be used to monitor the global image in a monitoring place, which can be called a panoramic PTZ camera, which means using fisheye lenses or multiple-photosensitive chips and fusing into a panoramic image with a multi-channel video fusion chip.

  Application advantages of panoramic PTZ cameras

  At present, panoramic PTZ cameras are mainly used in outdoor field of vision, some places to monitor the width or even more than hundred meters, in view of the panoramic image to achieve the scheduling, it is impossible and no energy to see the face, vehicle license and other details. These occasions only need to be installed in the commanding heights of a fisheye PTZ camera that can meet panoramic monitoring in a place. The advantages of a panoramic PTZ camera include the following:

  (i) ultra-wide monitoring perspective

  A fish eye lens takes 360 degree panoramic view, can replace the traditional many PTZ camera: The user only needs a special fish eye lens to be able to watch the entire space directly, the surrounding image once panoramic, completely eliminates the dead corner.

  (ii) Effective reduction of monitoring costs

  This 360-degree real-time panoramic monitoring capability of a panoramic PTZ camera eliminates the need to install multiple PTZ cameras to cover the entire monitoring area, thus saving the investment in PTZ camera hardware. Monitor PTZ camera way greatly reduced, can save ancillary equipment, such as lenses, shields, wiring, power, video, display and other corresponding accessories and equipment costs, but also reduce the construction wiring difficulty, save installation time, labor costs and follow-up maintenance costs.

  (iii) Adoption of virtual PTZ technology

  Using Virtual PTZ technology, you can enlarge or move the area of the image in the monitoring field, and when you look at another image area in the direction of change, there will be no noise, hidden and imperceptible. Because there is no mechanical moving parts, no time for mechanized operation, panoramic PTZ camera will not have any wear, the product is durable and the service life is greatly prolonged. Image distortion correction in panoramic view can be performed on multiple image areas, so that unlike mechanical ptzptz cameras, panoramic PTZ cameras can simultaneously observe and record several different region