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Application Advantages And Characteristics Of Panoramic PTZ Camera
Aug 03, 2017

  Application Advantages and Characteristics of Panoramic PTZ Camera

  Panoramic PTZ Cameras are PTZ Cameras that can be used to monitor the global image in a surveillance site. They can be called a panoramic PTZ Camera, which uses a fisheye lens or a multi-PTZ Camera chip and a multi-channel video fusion chip to be a panoramic PTZ Camera.

  1, panoramic PTZ Camera application advantages

  At present, the panoramic PTZ Camera is mainly used in the outdoor field of open space, some places to monitor the width of even more than 100 meters, to see the panoramic image to achieve scheduling at the same time, can not have no energy to see the face, vehicle license and other details. These occasions only need to install a fisheye PTZ Camera at the commanding point that can meet the panoramic surveillance within a place. Compared with the traditional surveillance PTZ Cameras, the advantages of panoramic PTZ Cameras include:

  (A) ultra-wide monitoring perspective

  A fisheye lens 360-degree panoramic view, can replace the traditional multi-PTZ Camera: the user only needs a dedicated fisheye lens can directly watch the entire space, surrounded by a panoramic view of the image, completely eliminate dead ends.

  (B) effectively reduce the monitoring costs

  This 360 degree real-time panorama surveillance capability of the panorama camcorder eliminates the need to install multiple PTZ Cameras for covering the entire monitoring area, thus saving PTZ Camera hardware investment. The number of surveillance PTZ Cameras is greatly reduced, you can save ancillary equipment, such as the lens, shield, wiring, power, video, display and other accessories and equipment costs, but also reduce the difficulty of construction wiring, saving installation time, labor costs and follow-up maintenance costs The

  (C) the use of virtual PTZ technology

  With virtual PTZ technology, you can zoom in or out to monitor the image area within the field of view, and when the direction of the change to another image area, will not make any noise, secret and difficult to detect. Because there is no mechanical moving parts, do not need time to carry out mechanized operation, panoramic PTZ Camera will not happen any wear and tear, the product is durable, greatly extend the service life. Image distortion correction for panoramic viewing can be performed on multiple image areas so that, unlike mechanical PTZ Cameras, panoramic PTZ Cameras can simultaneously observe and record multiple different areas.

  2, panoramic PTZ Camera application characteristics

  The scope of application of panoramic PTZ Cameras, including public places, industrial monitoring, traffic management, medical facilities, building monitoring, campus, shopping malls and entertainment and leisure venues. However, due to the introduction of the panorama PTZ Camera is still short, technically have its limitations, such as the image distortion described above and other issues, as well as fisheye panoramic PTZ Camera ultra-wide angle effect, although able to monitor a wide range of area, but relatively speaking, Its focal length is very short, making the detection range is limited, about 5 meters in the radius can see the face, farther words will appear blurred.

  Therefore, in practical use, panoramic PTZ Cameras are more suitable for small in space, easy to monitor the environment, such as retail stores, small shopping malls, elevators, parking and conference rooms and so on. Only need a panoramic PTZ Camera, you can achieve no dead ends, see the details of the monitoring.

  As for the environment is simple and empty scenes, such as large-scale venue, etc., due to the establishment of multiple surveillance PTZ Cameras have their inconvenience, the use of panoramic PTZ Camera is also a good choice.

  However, if you want to apply in a relatively complex environment, such as large flow of shopping malls, pedestrian street, crossroads, etc., panoramic PTZ Camera is still unable to completely replace the bolt, hemisphere and other conventional traditional PTZ Camera, it is generally recommended with conventional PTZ Camera , Complement each other.