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Advantages, Current Situation And Development Trend Of Panorama PTZ Camera
Aug 03, 2017

  Advantages, Current Situation and Development Trend of Panorama PTZ Camera

  At present, the domestic PTZ Camera for the panoramic PTZ Camera has not yet developed the relevant standards, but the security industry is more consistent view is that panoramic PTZ Cameras can be independent of a wide range of deadline to achieve the monitoring of the PTZ Camera. Panorama PTZ Camera concept and the birth of the primary product has been a long time, in general, the current mainstream panoramic PTZ Camera with lifting and wall can be achieved 360 ° and 180 ° monitoring effect, and some only 120 ° to 130 ° field angle Of the PTZ Camera, because the user can achieve a relatively wide area of the monitoring requirements, but also can be called a panoramic PTZ Camera (ie, wide-angle panoramic PTZ Camera).

  Among them, 360-degree panoramic PTZ Camera can be blind spot monitoring coverage of the scene, with a fisheye lens, or a mirror (such as parabola, hyperbolic mirror, etc.), or a number of different directions towards the ordinary lens stitching, 360 degree panoramic view. A panoramic PTZ Camera can replace a number of ordinary surveillance PTZ Cameras, so that seamless monitoring, to achieve a new monitoring applications, applied to various fields, including prisons, government agencies, banks, social security, public places, cultural venues and so on.

  A great advantage of a panoramic PTZ Camera is that it is in its oversized range, but from the resolution density, the PTZ Cameras of the same pixels can cause the pixels to be scattered and degraded when monitoring larger areas. Furthermore, in terms of the scope of application, panoramic surveillance PTZ Cameras are currently only used in local areas, did not show explosive market demand.

  Unlike other general PTZ Cameras, the panorama PTZ Camera has four key points: lens, image sensor, image processing technology and virtual PTZ technology. To determine whether a panoramic PTZ Camera performance is good about two points: the effective coverage of the field of view angle how much can see how many scenes; see the scene in the pixel how much clarity. Therefore, there are two key points to achieve panoramic monitoring:

  1.1, high-resolution implementation

  High-pixel products are not only the selection of the sensor, ISP processing, coding and network with the corresponding are very important, and in the corresponding structure, process and other requirements, than the ordinary PTZ Camera strictly several times.

  1.2, fish eyes to start the correctness of correction

  The algorithm of anti-distortion and anti-distortion is very important in the process of expanding the circular image produced by the fisheye PTZ Camera into the ordinary tiled image acceptable to the human eye. Because from the lens selection, you need through the lens of the curvature of the characteristics of analysis, optical refraction line analysis, and combined with light through the analysis, in order to obtain a better image source to achieve large depth of field, high resolution, and the screen around and The center of the resolution to balance.

  Second, the market segmentation of new demand birth panoramic PTZ Camera

  With the security monitoring in a wide range of market applications, the traditional network PTZ Camera has been unable to fully meet the various industries on the more personalized, higher quality monitoring needs. For example, the traditional network PTZ Camera is limited by the surveillance field of view, can not just a network PTZ Camera to complete 360-degree panoramic monitoring. If the combination of multiple PTZ Cameras to complete, the increase in the entire system management tasks and cost inputs. In particular, users in the areas of banking, retail and education have the necessary and strong demand for 360 degree panoramic surveillance to protect their video surveillance images from high quality and no dead ends. 360-degree panoramic monitoring is the formation of the industry market segment performance, but also the pace of monitoring technology forward.