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White Balance
Dec 08, 2017

So what is "white balance"? This must be what is white, the object is reflected by the brilliance of color as the light source color, the human eye has put some objects as white is because the human brain can be more like this color detection and change, so no matter in the sunlight, cloudy weather, indoor or fluorescent, color white objects people still see. The human eye can self adapt, but the digital camera does not have such intelligent function, this is because the CCD photosensitive element itself does not have the adaptation function, in order to close the visual standard, digital cameras have to mimic the human brain and to adjust the color of the light, is the need to automatically or manually adjust the white balance to achieve a satisfactory color, white balance digital camera sensor is located in the general sense of the lens, can automatically sense the surrounding environment, so as to adjust the color balance of the digital camera output signal process correction is called white balance adjustment. With the control of white balance, you can take a real color picture. All the digital cameras sold on the market have the function of automatic adjustment of white balance, and it is more convenient to use. Some models of digital cameras also have manual white balance adjustment, manually adjust the degree of precision is better than the automatic adjustment, and generally are equipped with some preset patterns, such as cloudy, sunny, fluorescent lamp, etc., can be adjusted according to the use of the environment is relatively convenient. Due to the different spectral characteristics of different light conditions, the photos taken will often be partial to color, for example, it will be bluish under the fluorescent lamp and yellowing under the incandescent lamp. In order to eliminate or reduce the color shift, digital cameras and camcorders under different light conditions adjust the color settings to make the picture color as far as possible without distortion, to restore normal color. Because this regulation is often based on white, it is called white balance. [1]

The adjustment of white balance is the basic work of photography, and it is also an important means of creation. In the clear principle, it will be used freely, fumble ceaselessly in practice will be harvested.