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The smaller the minimum illumination of the camera, the better
Dec 28, 2017

The smaller the minimum illumination of the camera, the better. A monitor camera with low illumination can still take a clear image in the condition of lower illumination.

(two) the minimum illuminance is also known as sensitivity. It is CCD's sensitivity to ambient light, or the darkest light required for CCD normal imaging. The unit of illumination is lux (Lux), the smaller the value, expressed the need for less light, the camera is also more sensitive. The black and white camera sensitivity is about 0.02-0.5lux (Lux, color camera more than in 1lux. 0.1Lux cameras are used in ordinary surveillance situations; 0.02Lux cameras are recommended for use at night or when ambient light is weak. And with the use of near infrared light, the camera must also use low illuminance.