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Preposition Function Of PTZ
Jan 02, 2018

1. Preposition function interpretation:

When the user through the monitoring platform surveillance target control equipment operating terminal, the operator can put the current surveillance target set a preset position, such as a point cloud platform, can be 365 or 360 degree rotation; the operator can put a window, counter, desk, entrance, parking lot and other need to monitor the location is set to the preset position; set the preset position can be controlled by the current position of equipment software stored in the terminal decoder on the monitoring platform. When a user needs to quickly monitor a monitoring target, it can adjust the location that needs to be monitored by controlling the call command of the device. This is the meaning of the preset function.

2, which products have the preposition function?

The preposition function first appeared on the high-end products of the monitoring industry - the high-speed cloud platform. With the popularity of the products, many common built-in decode board cloud platform, medium speed cloud platform and external decoder all have preposition function.

3. What is the use of the number of preset digits?

The number of preset bits is to say how many preset bits in the preposition decoder cloud can be provided by the master operator.