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Intelligent image analysis systems
Dec 07, 2017

The technology of computer image visual analysis is to analyze and track the target in the camera scene by separating the background and the target in the scene. Video content the user can according to the analysis, through the preset alarm rules in different camera scene, once the target in the scene appears to violate the predefined rules, the system will automatically alarm, monitoring station automatic pop-up warning alarm information with sound alarm information, users can click through to achieve the alarm scene reorganization and to take relevant measures.

Intelligent image analysis systems is simple: the first is when on duty, with ten hundreds and thousands of camera, not really in the risk prevention or intervention, most rely on image playback related; followed by non security applications, such as business flow statistics, prevent theft and so on. The risk analysis and identification is transferred to the computer or chip, so that the duty personnel are freed from the work of the "dead watch" monitor. When the computer finds the problem, it will generate the alarm, when the duty personnel respond. Once a target violates a pre-defined analysis rule in the scene, the system triggers the pre set linkage rules to achieve the function of active reminder.