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Backlight Compensation
Dec 11, 2017

Backlight compensation can provide ideal exposure to targets in front of a very strong background light, regardless of the main target moving to the middle, upper and lower sides or any location of the screen.

Backlight compensation also called backlight compensation or backlight correction, it can effectively compensate the defects of the camera in the backlight environment when the main screen of darkness.

When the camera is in backlit environments, the screen will appear black image, but in the security environment in the backlight is difficult to avoid, this time on the need for backlight compensation. When the backlight compensation function is introduced, if the video level in a region of the captured image is detected, the video level in one area is relatively low. The AGC level circuit introduced above can improve and enhance the video level of the area, increase the amplitude of the output video signal, and make the whole image clear and bright. If the subject you want to see is dim because of bright background, you can set the BLC to the ON state to compensate for the strong backlight.

In a simple way, it is a relatively clear picture of a dark area in a weak light environment.

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