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Application editor of infrared thermal imaging technology in security field
Dec 13, 2017

Application editor of infrared thermal imaging technology in security field

With the development of photoelectric information, microelectronics, network communication, digital video, multimedia technology and sensing technology, security monitoring technology has gone from traditional simulation to highly integrated digitalization, intelligence and networking. With the increasing demand of the market, modern high and new technology is almost applied in the security monitoring system. The rapid development of infrared thermal imaging technology in modern sensing technology has also been applied in the security system. Infrared thermal imaging of the visible light wave in our eyes is 0.38 - 0.78 microns. We usually call the electromagnetic wave longer than 0.78 microns, called infrared. In nature, all objects will radiate infrared rays, so we can get different infrared images, called thermal images, by using detectors to measure the infrared difference between the target itself and the background. Thermal image of the same object visible image and visible light image is different, it is not the human eye can see, but the surface temperature distribution of the image, or that the infrared thermal image is the human eye can not directly see the target surface temperature distribution, a thermal image of the surface temperature distribution on behalf of the human eye can see the target. The characteristic of infrared thermal imaging is that all natural objects above the absolute zero degree (-273 C) will emit infrared rays. Infrared radiation (or thermal radiation) is the most widespread radiation in nature. The atmosphere, cloud and so on absorbs visible and near infrared rays, but it is transparent to 3~5 micron and 8~14 microns. Therefore, the two bands are called the "atmosphere window" of infrared. By using these two windows, we can clearly observe the situation in the front of a completely light night, or in a bad environment. It is because of this characteristic that infrared thermal imaging technology can be used in the safety prevention of night surveillance and forest fire prevention and control system. Infrared thermal imager uses infrared thermal imaging technology to detect infrared radiation of target objects, and convert the temperature distribution image of target object into video and image equipment by means of photoelectric conversion and signal processing. We call it infrared thermal imager. The infrared thermal imager can be divided into two types: cooling type and non - cold type. The cooling type has high thermal sensitivity and high structure complexity. It is generally used for military purposes rather than refrigeration type, though its sensitivity is lower than that of refrigerating type, but its performance has been able to meet most military uses and almost all civil fields. The uncooled infrared thermal imager has a higher cost performance than the cooling type because it does not need to be equipped with a refrigeration device.

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